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 A CreativeU Initiative - Textile Repurposing 


Passion behind the initiative came after reading that celebrities in the fashion industry have started to rewear their Oscar dresses, thereby flaunting their commitment to preventing climate change and recycling . This quote from Emily Farra, senior fashion news writer for Vogue magazine, sums it up perfectly, ​“For all of the benefits of natural and organic cotton, hemp, linen, rayon, and so on, it’s almost always better to use what already exists - she continues to say, “fashion must phase out nonrenewable resources and move toward renewable, regenerative inputs” “All of the products we create today will have value in the future and will naturally come back into the system. she continues. “I actually think it’s one of the greatest design challenges of our century—how we take things from one form to another, with no loss of value.” 

 With this in mind the ‘CREATIVEU’ Textile repurposing program was born. 

 Our motto is: ‘RECYCLE - REPURPOSE - REUSE’ 


‘​CREATIVE’- relates to or invokes the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something. Through creativity we aim to play a part in maintaining a sustainable way of life, we aim to be inventive, expressive and inspiring.

'U' - relates to being UNITED,  together we can lessen the effect we have on the environment through the fashion/retail choices we make.  

We encourage consumers to consider whether the clothes and fabrics they purchase are made to last, consider their role in limiting the amount of wasted fabric, and be aware of the environmental impact from fabric production. 

The CREATIVEU label stands for sustainable fashion, looking at the entire life cycle of a garment, toy or accessories, giving it longevity so that it doesn't end up in landfills.

Why is this important? The textile industry globally is a trillion dollar market, and with this comes an enormous amount of waste. Most of our discarded clothes are ending up on landfill sites instead of being recycled or repurposed. According to the EPA the main source of textiles in municipal solid waste is discarded clothing, and nondurable goods for example sheets and towels. According to South Africa produces 100 million tons of waste every year, most of which ends up in landfill sites as very little is recycled. 

Why is this a problem? 
★ Clothing is made of natural fibres which take a while to decompose. 
★ Clothing contains chemicals and colourants which leak into the soil and can contaminate fresh water. 
★ Synthetic Fabrics do not decompose, they release methane and harmful greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. 
★ Clothing takes up millions of cubic metres of landfill space. 

Can you recycle clothing? 
Yes, synthetic fibres can be recycled but cotton's quality is lowered as the fibres are shortened, this affects the strength and softness of the thread. Brands can use a portion of recycled pulp in their fabric to ensure they maintain quality standards. A success story of this is Woolworths RE: Jeans. ​It however makes more sense to re-purpose textiles rather than recycle. In order to implement “Recycle - RePurpose - Reuse” we need to implement various initiatives. 

Through these initiatives, we are hoping to implement the following sustainability programs: 
1.Provide training in our community 
2.Create Employment in our community 
3.Distribute clothing and other items to the needy and to local schools. 
4.Create awareness and establish a culture of minimising our carbon footprint through our fashion choices.
5. Create a clothing, toy and bedding label that will send a message to larger communities to create balance and achieve a more sustainable way of life.     

CREATIVEU Initiatives to be Implemented: 
Clothing Bank Textile recycling is the process of recovering fibre, yarn or fabric and reprocessing the useful material into useful products. The fabrics/textiles are gathered from various sources and are then sorted depending on their condition, composition and reuse / resale value. People can either drop off their second hand clothing and fabric ( material, towels, linen etc) items at the clothing bank, or we can collect them for an amount of R250 anywhere in Johannesburg. We do not pay cash for recycled fabric / clothing as they are used as a part of our sustainability programs. 

Sorting & Laundry 
All textiles will be sorted into the stipulated categories according to our initiatives. Laundering and Pressing of all Fabrics. All material needs to be cleaned effectively before being repurposed. 

Sewing and redesign will be an integral part of making the CREATIVEU clothing range, linen/bedding and toys, an initiative which empowers young designers and ladies in the community to come together and recreate. We make new clothes out of second hand fabrics and clothing , soft toys for example Teddy Bears out of fabric, Quilts out of fabric squares, and bedding for local schools that have a need, and to resell. 

Ideas include, Fashion Shows /Pop -up Shops / On-line Shopping / Word of mouth= direct sales to the public / and more... 
This is where we make money to make this initiative possible. While we accept sponsorships and donations to ensure the longevity of the CREATIVU Label, we also need to self fund as far as possible. Self funding includes: Resale of our Labelled Clothing - Bedding & Soft Toys and accessories. 

CREATIVE U  - Sustainability Programs: 

1.​Create Employment in our community: 

People will need to be employed as follows: 
Clothing Bank : 
Drivers with vehicles to collect the fabric/clothing. Deliver to the Balance Sewing Room. Deliver to Local pre schools. Deliver to local people for community distribution. 

People to sort into the following categories: Fabric - into colours Clothing into categories - mens, womens, childrens & colours, redistribute to the needy, redesign, resell, and into colours. Linen - colours Towels -colours 

People to Wash, Press, Fold, & Pack into categories. 

Clothing, accessories, toys and linen will be repurposed,and redesigned and created for resale. 

People to arrange Pop Ups in various malls, school and modelling fashion shows, pop ups in parking lots and much more. Staff to set up the shop, staff to sell the items. Management of Admin, on site payment system, POS and more. 

Office Administration / commerce
Management of Online Shopping website 
Public Relations Online & face to face Marketing of the initiative 
Public / Media Relations Financial Administration Accounting / Bookkeeping / Administrator. 

Provide training & Create opportunity. 
Create opportunities to teach design and sewing skills, encourage those that can to share their knowledge. 
Provide the tools to create & design. 
Encourage young innovators to get involved and become a part of the CREATIVU Label. 

Give back to the Community. 
Distribute clothing and other items to the needy and to local schools. Various Schools and communities, where the needs are prevalent will be selected and receive donations in the form of clothing and bedding for children and their families. 
Create awareness 
Create awareness and establish a culture of minimising our carbon footprint through our fashion choices and encouraging people to ​‘RECYCLE - REPURPOSE - REUSE’​. The idea is that no textiles are sent to the landfill sites, they all have a home and purpose at  CREATIVU and will be reused and repurposed time and time again as needed. 

 *Any excess cut offs acquired during the process of repurposing will be sent to be made into pulp for Reuse in the textile industry. 

What does this entail:
★ Clothing /Sorting / Laundry   
★ Laundry machines, and ironing press.  
★ Sewing Ladiess - Sewing Machines, Tables & Chairs. 
★ Tables for Cutting Fabric, CMT skills for new designs, and required items.  
★ Drivers with their own vehicles to collect and drop off textiles. 
 ★People willing to provide training - skills and impart ideas and expertise for designs & Label Creation.
★ People willing to provide training to teach people to sew and design. 
 ★ Sub contracting  
★ Administration / Accounts. 
★ E-commerce 
★ Lists of local communities with a need. 
★ Lists of local schools with a need. 
★ Planning of pop up shops, events, fashion shows, malls, create and market to fashion / design schools, modelling agencies and local businesses. 
★ Marketing & PR to Stakeholders and clients. 

Deliver 6 monthly progress reports to sponsors. 
Information included in the report, but not limited to, will be overall performance of each division.
Financial reporting. Possible changes in policy and strategies.
Highlighting any outstanding successes.

STAKEHOLDER PARTICIPATION The objective is to enable Donor and Sponsor participation in activities. This will happen through quarterly open days, and invitations to events, stakeholders are invited to bring along various business employees and shareholders, clients and suppliers in their organizations to events where possible, and participate in pre-determined and organised activities under supervision of the CREATIVEU team. 

If you would be interested in getting involved in this initiative, please do not hesitate to get in touch with either Justine or Luke.
CREATIVEU Project Director Justine Engelbrecht- 0744408668 - ​ 
                   Project Director Luke Engelbrecht- 0843359291 -